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Fabulous Job. "I wish to commend your housekeeper for the fabulous job she did cleaning our house. It is immaculate. The quality of the cleaning service performed was ‘over the top.’" —Karl B.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Twelve Years of Professional Service. "The professional manner in which you operate your cleaning business is what attracted me (12 years ago) to HomeLife services. You have always met my needs, even when changes have been required. I feel very well-protected by the [insurance] coverage you provide [bonding, liability insurance and workers’ compensation protection] . . . as it relieves me of those concerns. I look forward to a continuing relationship with you and your employees due to the cleaning services that you and they provide me." —Miriam C.

Recommends HomeLife without Hesitation. "What a delight to deal with HomeLife! Fair price, excellent cleaning service, nice people. We recommend HomeLife without hesitation." —Walter B.

Different from Other Cleaning Services. "HomeLife Housekeeping is significantly different from most other cleaning services. Personnel actually show up on time, clean your house, and speak English — and HomeLife allows flexibility in scheduling. The real benefit to us is that we don’t have to worry about insurance (HomeLife provides liability insurance and workers’ compensation protection), legal versus illegal status (housekeepers are verified), and Social Security (HomeLife pays all employee taxes). If HomeLife has an opening, you should take it!" —Doug & Linda C.

Polite and Hard-Working Housekeepers. "Thank you for the excellent cleaning service HomeLife has provided. Your personnel have always been polite and hard-working, and I have been pleased with the way they have treated my home." —Carma S.

Thank you so much for all that you and your staff have done in taking care of our cleaning needs through the years." —Nina & Howard B.

Outstanding Cleaning Service. "I am delighted to congratulate HomeLife Housekeeping for an outstanding job. I have been with your cleaning service for the past 12 years and have always been pleased with your housekeepers and the service provided. The workers that you send to my home are bonded and are also covered by workers’ compensation insurance.
"The quality of work is outstanding. Housekeepers are on time and are pleasant, neat and well-organized. It is nice not to provide my own cleaning tools and products, as your housekeepers are always prepared.
"The administration of HomeLife is well-run. If a housekeeper is unable to come at the appointed time, I am notified in advance and given another housecleaning date that is convenient. The administrative staff is always pleasant and works hard at pleasing clients.
"I highly recommend HomeLife Housekeeping to anyone who needs a wonderful cleaning service." —Karen M.

The Best Housekeeper Ever. "Your housekeeper is the best I have ever had. She is very efficient and particular, and is excellent in all housecleaning categories." —Cindy E.

Recommends HomeLife. "Thanks so much for running such a great housekeeping service and helping us with our move-out cleaning. If I get a chance, I’ll recommend HomeLife to others in North San Diego County" —Corinna L.

The Best! "You and everyone at HomeLife Housekeeping are the best!" —Laura L.

Terrific Housecleaning! "Thank you for the terrific work!" —Gali G.

Treated with Care and Attention. "Although I am an infrequent HomeLife client, I appreciate that you have always treated me with care and attention to my needs. This does not happen with most cleaning companies." —Elaine L.

Thorough and Efficient Housekeeper. "This was my first day with HomeLife, and I am so impressed with your cleaning services! Your housekeeper is excellent — very thorough, efficient and pleasant. I previously had a weekly housekeeper for seven years, and she did not ‘hold a candle’ to yours. I am so happy that I discovered HomeLife and have recommended you to a friend." —Diana W.

Housecleaning Gift Certificate and Tears of Happiness. "My mother-in-law was so happy that she called me in tears when she saw the housecleaning from her HomeLife gift certificate. She said that the house looked beautiful and that the housecleaning was the best present I could have given her. I guess we’ll have to make this an annual present, since I don’t think we can top this Mother’s Day gift." —Lynn M.

Pleasant, Hard-Working and Clean-Cut Housekeepers. "The personnel you sent to do our housecleaning job were pleasant, hard-working and clean-cut. They indeed represented your cleaning company well." —Richard S.

Tender Love and Care for Home. "Thanks for the tender love and care that your housekeeper has been giving to our home. She is most thorough with her housecleaning and efficient in her planning strategies. I am very pleased." —Ruth B.

Nice and Professional Housekeeper. "Your housekeeper did a great job! She is so nice and so professional." —Julie B.

Recommends HomeLife Housecleaning for Excellence. "Thank you for your excellent cleaning service. I would recommend HomeLife to anyone in need." —Cynthia T.

Fantastic Housecleaning Job. "I just want you to know that your housekeeper does a fantastic housecleaning job and is always very pleasant." —Leah R.

Extremely Happy with Housecleaning. "We have been extremely happy with the cleaning service we have received from HomeLife." —Lesley M.

Wonderful Housecleaning Service. "Thanks for the wonderful cleaning service HomeLife has given me. I really do appreciate it." —Carolyn G.

Energetic, "Can Do" Attitude of Housekeepers. "I am very pleased with HomeLife. You do a great job with coordinating, listening and responding." Also, I appreciate HomeLife’s English-speaking personnel and their energetic, ‘can do’ attitude." —Christine S.

Attention to Housecleaning Detail. "Your housekeeper is thoroughly pleasant, with attention to detail, and is a pleasure to have around." —Gale D.

Couldn’t Have Done a Better Housecleaning Job. "I couldn’t have done a better housecleaning job myself! The house looks beautiful." —Donna P.

Has Recommended HomeLife to Others. "HomeLife has been wonderful, and I have recommended you to others. Thank you for all that your housekeepers have done." —Jeanette P.

Years of Dependable Housecleaning Service. "Thank you for all your years of good and dependable cleaning service. [Now that I have moved,] I wish I had some of your good housekeepers here!"
—Martha B.

Years of Excellent Housecleaning Service. "Thank you for the years of excellent housecleaning service!" —Linda R.

Recommends HomeLife Owners and Housekeepers. "When I first contacted HomeLife many years ago, I asked one of the owners, Barbara Jarnes, about the cleaning services offered. Then, together, we adjusted the work order to include other of my needs. I was very impressed with her professionalism, with her understanding of the homemaking duties of HomeLife employees, and with her understanding of my preferences. On occasion, if something needed the attention of a housekeeper, I would call, and the matter was always attended to by HomeLife, thereby relieving me of the need to resolve the issue.
"Barbara is an excellent manager and business person, as are other members of her family who participate in the cleaning business. On the rare occasion when there is a fair and reasonable need to adjust my schedule, she has been willing to do so.
"Over the years I have been fortunate to have the cleaning services of several HomeLife employees and have been more than satisfied with them, finding it a pleasure to have them in my home. I look forward to their assistance and have become attached to them through our long association.
"Through my personal experience I can highly recommend HomeLife!" —Miriam C.

Enjoyable Association with HomeLife. "We have very much enjoyed our association with HomeLife and have appreciated your cleaning services and care for our home." —Susan B.

Total Satisfaction with Cleaning Service. "I have had total satisfaction with your cleaning service and employees and would recommend HomeLife to others." —Joanne A.

A Rarity in the Service Industry. "Your housekeeper does an excellent housecleaning job. She is friendly but unobtrusive, and is a genuine joy to work with (a rarity in the service industry these days). Many thanks." —Julann E.

Efficient and Pleasant Housekeeper. "Thank you for sending your housekeeper to care for our home. She is efficient and pleasant to work with." —Gloria P.

Very Pleased with Housekeeper. "I just want to let you know that I am very pleased with your housekeeper. The house looked beautiful when I came home from the hospital after giving birth to our beautiful baby girl. I am very happy that I contacted HomeLife." —Linda M.

Housecleaning Worth Every Penny. "The housecleaning is absolutely beautiful and worth every penny. I’m very happy." —Lori P.

Spic-and-Span Housecleaning. "Thank you for sending your housekeepers yesterday. They were great, and the house is spic and span. I am very happy with your cleaning service." —Fiona K.

Professional Housecleaning Organization. "You have a very professional housecleaning organization, and it is a pleasure to deal with you." —Letty H.

Happy with Housekeeper. "We have been very happy with our housekeeper. She is wonderful!"
—Steve & Gina G.

Quality Cleaning Service. "We very much appreciated the care and attention given in the regular cleaning services while we were traveling. My parents also were very pleased with the service and quality of housecleaning." —Marilee B.

Thanks for Cleaning Service. "Thank you for your wonderful cleaning service." —Kitty C.

A Great Housecleaning Job. "Your staff always does a great housecleaning job!" —Barbara F.

A Housekeeper Who Is "Just Fantastic! "Your housekeeper does an outstanding housecleaning job — just fantastic!" —Laura L.

Tops in All Housecleaning Categories. "Your housekeeper is tops in all housecleaning categories!" —Gloria P.

Appreciates Caring Cleaning Service. Thank you for your caring cleaning service. Your housecleaning help is very much appreciated." —Sherry M.

Thrilled with Sparkling House. "I’m thrilled! What a great feeling to come home to a sparkling house!" —Mary E.

A "Dream" Housekeeper. "Your housekeeper is a dream — a wonderful employee who is a credit to your cleaning business. I truly value her housecleaning services and her reliability." —Mary G.

Will Recommend HomeLife Housecleaning. "I will certainly recommend HomeLife to anyone needing housecleaning." —Sharen S.

Couldn’t Live without HomeLife Cleaning Services. "I couldn’t live without your cleaning services now that I enjoy them." —Barbara P.

A Pleasure to Come Home after a Hectic Week. "I am delighted with my decision to proceed with HomeLife housecleaning. It is such a pleasure to come home after a hectic week and find my home just as I like it." —Lisa C.

Wonderful Housekeepers. "Your housekeepers have been wonderful!" —Ann M.

Truly Excellent Housecleaning Work. "Thank you for sending your housekeeper to help us. She is a warm and delightful person, and her housecleaning work is truly excellent. It is a pleasure to come home to a fresh, shining house!" —Dorothea J.

Recommends HomeLife Cleaning Service to Many. "HomeLife does a wonderful housecleaning job, and I recommend your cleaning service to as many people as I can." —Eleanor H.

Dependable and Cooperative Housekeeper. "Your housekeeper is dependable and cooperative." —Rebecca W.

Comfortable with HomeLife Cleaning Service. "I am so pleased with the way my house looks after your housecleaning staff has been here. HomeLife is a very professional cleaning service and comfortable to do business with." —Sarah D.

Fabulous and Nice Housekeeper. "Your housekeeper is fabulous and so nice!" —Ann M.

Cleaning Service That Is "The Best!" "Thank you for your wonderful cleaning service. It is the best!" —Carla B.

Excellent Management of Cleaning Business. "I look forward to our continued relationship, as you are excellent in the management of your cleaning business." —Miriam C.

Prompt and Courteous Cleaning Service. "Thank you for your prompt and courteous cleaning service." —Betty N.

A Great Housecleaning Job Every Time. "I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your cleaning service. It is so enjoyable to come home to a really clean house. Your housekeeper does a great housecleaning job every time. Thanks so much!" —Nancy M.

A Housecleaning Job Well Done. "Thanks so much for a housecleaning job well done." —Iris B.

Immaculate Housekeeping. "Your housekeeping is immaculate." —Vicki B.

Diligent and Thorough Housekeeper. "Your housekeeper is a very diligent and thorough worker."
—Kori F.

Very Reliable Housekeeper. "Your housekeeper is a very reliable person. She takes care of my belongings and is a warm friend." —Jane M.

Very Pleased with Cleaning Service. "I am very pleased with your cleaning service. It is nice to come home to a clean house." —Ann M.

Extremely Efficient Housekeeper. "Your housekeeper is extremely efficient — an excellent worker." —Hattie M.

Courteous and Trusted Housekeeper. "I have been very pleased with your cleaning service. Your housekeeper is a very courteous and trusted employee." —Cindy G.

A Housekeeper Pleasant to Have Around. "Your housekeeper is a wonderful worker and very pleasant to have around." —Jane S.

A Pleasure to Come Home to a Clean House. "We’re very happy with the housecleaning. It is a pleasure to come home to a clean house." —Annika E.

No Complaints Whatsoever with Housecleaning. "I would recommend your cleaning services without hesitation. I have no complaints whatsoever about the work performed by my housekeeper." —Janet C.

Consistent Cleaning Service. "We have been very pleased with the quality and consistency of your cleaning service." — Judy M.

Impressed with Housecleaning Expertise. "I am very favorably impressed with your housecleaning expertise." —Bonnie G.

Fine Cleaning Service. "We appreciate the fine cleaning service." —Ellen H.

Great Cleaning Services. "Your cleaning services are great!" —Gerda D.

Terrific Housekeeper. "Your housekeeper is terrific!" —Sandy O.

Professional Housecleaning Personnel. "I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful cleaning service. Your personnel always have done a professional housecleaning job." —Charles P.


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