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You and Your Housekeeper

Housecleaning with Minimum Employee Turnover. The housecleaning (maid-service) industry typically experiences one of the highest rates of employee turnover. Nevertheless, we are determined to do everything possible to make HomeLife a cleaning company that attracts and keeps quality housekeepers. A slimmer profit margin enables us to provide compensation and benefits superior to many cleaning companies. Also, we believe in treating housekeepers with respect and appreciation, for theirs is a demanding job. Statistics indicate that our turnover is less than most cleaning companies. We have housekeepers who have stayed with HomeLife for a number of years, and others who have returned to us for re-employment. Our clients also can play an important role in maintaining this record. Memorandum of Understanding

Guaranteeing Access

Housecleaning Lockouts and Cancellations. Job lockouts and cancellations can mean a loss of the revenue on which housekeepers depend. For this reason we have the following lockout and cancellation policy:

Job Lockout. If you are a client who may not be home for housecleaning visits, we suggest that you provide a house key for scheduled cleaning. If you choose another way to provide access to your home, you should be aware that a job lockout is subject to our standard two-hour minimum charge if the customer fails to provide HomeLife with access to the premises on which and at the time services are scheduled to be performed. However, the lockout charge will be waived if HomeLife is able to schedule a replacement job for the housekeeper(s) originally designated to perform the work. This policy is designed to limit the cost of lost work to housekeepers.

Job Cancellation/Reschedule. In a further effort to avoid financial hardship for housekeepers, advance notice of a job cancellation or reschedule is requested. This provides an opportunity for housekeepers to schedule other work. A job cancellation or reschedule with less than a 72-hour advance notice by the customer to the HomeLife office is subject to our standard two-hour minimum charge. However, if HomeLife is able to schedule a replacement job for the housekeeper(s) originally designated to perform the work, the late-cancellation fee will be waived. Again, this policy is designed to limit the cost of lost work to housekeepers. We ask for your considerate understanding and thoughtful cooperation in this important area.

Housecleaning Limitations

Housecleaning Preparation. Clients should be aware that job descriptions for HomeLife housekeepers normally do not include organizing personal belongings. Also, to maximize your investment and minimize liability, we request that you prepare your home for cleaning by eliminating clutter, especially on the floor.

Housekeepers’ Health. Occasionally, HomeLife housekeepers are asked to do tasks that are not part of their job descriptions. Some of these requests may not pose a problem. However, when asked to perform tasks that tax their physical strength and may threaten their health, we have instructed our personnel to kindly decline. Such tasks include, but are not limited to, turning mattresses, moving washers, dryers or other heavy appliances, and moving large, heavy sofas or other heavy furniture. We believe that considerate clients will understand the importance of protecting housekeepers’ health. Your cooperation in this respect is much appreciated.

Comfortable Working Conditions

Housekeepers’ Working Environment. In the hot summer months it is especially important to think of housekeepers’ comfort while working. It is our policy to allow a housekeeper(s) to turn on an available air conditioner if a client is not home, as long as the air-conditioner settings are returned to the way they were when the housekeeper(s) first arrived. If you do not wish for your air conditioner to be touched, please let us know and offer any other suggestions you may have on how a comfortable working environment can be maintained.

Noncompetition Agreement

Housekeepers Who Are Trustworthy. Our housekeepers have signed an agreement not to perform any cleaning service for HomeLife clients apart from the housekeepers’ association with HomeLife. A trustworthy housekeeper will honor this agreement. If you hire a HomeLife housekeeper to perform any cleaning service independently of HomeLife, there is a $1,500 referral fee.


Housekeeper Appreciation. There are many ways to let your housekeeper know of your appreciation. Occasional or regular tipping is one, and words of appreciation also are highly valued. While tipping is a personal choice, we find that many clients choose to do so, especially around the year-end holiday season.


Housecleaning Evaluation. We periodically send our clients a housecleaning evaluation form to use for feedback, both positive and negative. We much appreciate the many positive evaluations that we normally receive. If you do need to register complaints about a housekeeper’s work, also try to mention something that was done well. We then are better able to use this feedback as part of our ongoing education program to provide the best in housecleaning service.

Housecleaning Feedback Procedure. We recommend that you deliver negative feedback directly to our office in whichever way is most convenient — by phone or email, by letter to our mailing address, or by using the housecleaning evaluation form that we periodically send our clients.


Housecleaning Scheduling and Your Housekeeper(s). All scheduling should be done by directly contacting our office, not through contact with your housekeeper(s).


Housekeepers and Smoking. Housekeepers who smoke are instructed not to do so inside your home.

Cleaning Service and You

Housecleaning and the Golden Rule. We thank you for your confidence in us. Your awareness of our efforts to maintain a reliable workforce is a vital contribution to our delivering quality and consistent cleaning service back to you. You have our pledge of commitment to treat your home with care and respect and to listen to your feedback as we fine-tune your cleaning service. Living by the Golden Rule is important to us. In turn, we simply ask you to indicate that you have read and understood the following –

Memorandum of Understanding

1. I understand that payment for cleaning service is expected at the time of the first visit and at each following visit until credit has been established with HomeLife.

2. I understand that, once credit has been established with HomeLife, payment for cleaning service is due within 15 days from the billing date and that a late charge of $25 applies if payment has not been received after 22 days from the billing date, at which time cleaning service may be suspended. Also, I understand that a fee of $25 applies for a check returned by the bank.

3. I understand that, because it can cause financial hardship for my housekeeper(s), a job lockout or cancellation/reschedule with less than a 72-hour notice to the HomeLife office is subject to HomeLife’s standard two-hour minimum charge unless a replacement job is found.

4. I understand that my housekeeper(s) has signed a noncompetition agreement with HomeLife and that asking the housekeeper(s) to violate this agreement by performing any cleaning service independently of HomeLife is unethical. Also, I understand that, if I hire a HomeLife housekeeper to perform any cleaning service independently of HomeLife, there is a $1,500 referral fee.

5. I understand that, if I give a key to a housekeeper(s), I must notify the HomeLife office so that the key can be properly recorded and coded for security. Also, I understand that HomeLife is not liable for keys given to housekeepers without its knowledge and that, if re-keying is requested, there is a reimbursement limit of $50.

6. I understand that, if I choose to provide my own equipment and/or supplies for housecleaning, HomeLife is not liable for any resulting damage to my equipment or from the use of my supplies.

7. I understand that HomeLife’s established reputation for quality assurance stands behind its commitment to provide me with the best in housecleaning service. Therefore, I understand that, if I am not satisfied with a housecleaning visit, I am to contact the HomeLife office without delay, and, together, we will decide if re-cleaning the area in question or a charge adjustment/credit is the best resolution.

Memorandum of Understanding Agreement

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Memorandum Agreement
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